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How to Design a Monument for Your Loved One

No two individuals are alike, and the same is true for monuments once it’s a person’s time to pass away. From granite memorials to stately mausoleums, the options are virtually limitless. Keep in mind these factors while a monument builder in Hillsboro, OH helps you design the grave marker.

Go with budget-friendly options

Countless monument designs are available for budgets of every size. It’s possible to create an elegant stone marker for less than a thousand dollars, or to save up hundreds of thousands of dollars for a grand, walk-in mausoleum. You don’t have to purchase a monument right away, either. Many monument builders encourage families to save up money until they can afford a design that’s perfect for the loved one who passed away.

Choose the material and style

The most popular materials for monuments are marble and granite. Despite its elegant appearance, marble doesn’t hold up too well over the years because it’s more susceptible to corrosion from exposure to outdoor elements. Marble is also limited in color, with white and gray as the only choices. On the other hand, granite memorials are reasonably priced and will resist the destructive forces of nature for centuries. Granite comes in an impressive array of colors, including brown, black, pink, green and more.

Families have a few different options for the size and shape of the monument. Flat grave markers are flush to the ground and make a suitable choice for families on a tight budget. The one downside is that the tiny surface area limits creativity in terms of inscriptions and religious symbols. Slant, bevel and upright monuments allow plenty of room for additional design elements like scripture, flower vases, quotes and decorative etching.

Learn the cemetery regulations

The cemeteries in Hillsboro, OH usually have restrictions on a monument’s material and size. It all depends on the location of your cemetery property. For instance, upright monuments are often reserved for a specific part of the cemetery. Other cemeteries might only allow grave markers that are beveled or flat. That’s why choosing the location in a cemetery should go hand in hand with designing the monument itself.

Consult a monument builder

Some funeral homes will try to talk you into purchasing a granite memorial from them, claiming your loved one needs a monument right away and it’s most convenient to bundle this cost with other funeral fees. Similarly, cemetery owners convince families that if a loved one is buried on their property, the family has to purchase one of their grave markers. This is simply not true. Only a monument builder in Hillsboro, OH will have your best interest at heart and be able to help you pick out a design that accurately reflects the life of your loved one.

Memorials are a huge investment, so families should check out all their options before making a final decision. The builders at Harsha Monument Co. work closely with families to ensure each finished product is both affordable and suits the unique tastes of loved ones. Browse our photo gallery for inspiration and let us know how we can assist you!