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Why Is Granite Used to Make Monuments and Markers?

If you’ve ever been to a historic cemetery, you’ve probably noticed how time and the elements have worn away the inscriptions on many of the headstones. Although this can be beautiful in its own way, it often means the person’s name and details are lost to history. It’s an excellent example of why choosing the right monument and marker material is so important—if you want your or your loved one’s gravestone to last for generations, it needs to be durable. Read on to learn why granite monuments are used more than any other kind in Hillsboro, OH.

Marble is no longer the stone of choice

Marble used to be the most popular headstone choice. Its white, gray-veined appearance is lovely, but anyone who has had a marble tabletop or counter can tell you that it gets damaged easily. Marble is a relatively soft and porous stone. It’s particularly susceptible to scratches and stains. In fact, it’s easy to scratch or carve marble with just a knife blade. When you add decades of exposure to sun, rain, snow, dirt, moss and hail, it’s no wonder that marble headstones wear down quickly.

Today, marble is rarely used in outdoor markers or monuments. If you want a marker to last, it should be a stronger material, like granite.
Granite markers are durable and beautiful

There are plenty of reasons why granite is used for markers and monuments today. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Strong and durable: Granite is an igneous rock, which means it’s formed when magma or lava cool. It’s extremely durable as a result. Granite can easily withstand rain, snow, hail and other weather conditions without suffering a scratch. Compare this to marble—marble is composed of limestone, another soft sedimentary rock that reacts poorly to acid.
  • Affordable: When you work with a reputable monument maker, you’ll find that granite is quite affordable. Cost varies depending on the size, shape, inscription and other features, but the finished product should last for centuries. This is ideal for anyone who wants to ensure they’re remembered by future generations.
  • Color: Granite comes in a number of different colors and varieties. Common shades include gray, black, brown and red, but it can also be found in pink, white, blue and even green. The rarer the color, the more expensive it is—but it’s still not as rare and expensive as colored marble.
  • Design: Because granite is so durable, it stands up well to laser etching. That allows monument makers to incorporate intricate designs, including photos, logos and more. Plus, the laser etching allows for high-contrast, easy-to-read lettering. This ensures it’s legible for decades, if not centuries.

As you can see, granite is a superior choice to marble. It’s cost-effective, beautiful, durable and versatile. If you want a high-quality granite monument in Hillsboro, OH, we’re sure this is the best choice you can make.

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