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How Durable Is Laser Etching on Monuments?

Monument etching is a common practice among memorial works in Hillsboro, OH. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s now considered the best method for inscribing headstones and is guaranteed to last for decades. However, the specific lifespan of laser etching differs from one custom memorial to the next because it all depends on the headstone’s durability. Read on to learn how a monument builder can make a headstone last for as long as possible.

Designed to last generations

Laser etching is a time-honored tradition with custom memorials. While death is a natural part of life, monument etching is designed to transcend time itself. Many families choose laser-etched headstones for their loved ones because it keeps images and inscriptions crystal clear for decades. In fact, monument builders in Hillsboro, OH use laser etching as their primary method for inscribing and decorating headstones.

Laser etching lasts for so long because, as you can probably guess, the words and images are etched directly into the stone’s surface. There’s no paint, ink or any other substance that would fade after years of constant exposure to the elements. Monument etching will deteriorate eventually, but this method far outlasts any other method and keeps the memory of a loved one alive for many generations.

Lifespan of headstone materials

Laser etching doesn’t leave anything behind except very fine scratches on the monument. With that in mind, how long laser etching will last depends on the expected lifespan of the headstone material. High-quality stones like granite most effectively preserve laser-etched images and inscriptions. Black granite is recommended because it helps the etching retain its clarity. Etched inscriptions on black granite are also much easier to read.

Be sure to avoid materials that mimic the appearance of granite but aren’t the real thing. While this may sound like the more budget-friendly option, laser etching will break down a lot faster on fake stones. It’s well worth the money to make sure your loved one is honored with high quality. You’ll know a headstone is constructed with real granite if it has little white and gold impurities.

Ways to preserve laser etching

Custom memorials with laser etching are designed to look pristine all on their own. However, families can gain some peace of mind by asking their monument builder in Hillsboro, OH to overlay the etching with a protective sealant. This extra step will ensure the inscriptions are chip resistant and can last even longer.

Protective sealants guard the laser etching from both natural elements and manmade contaminants. Though no family likes to think about it, sometimes unwelcomed visitors will vandalize headstones with spray paint or disrespect property in some other way. The combination of high-quality stone and a protective sealant makes it super easy to clean off toxic chemicals and dirt until the memorial shines like new again.

Every family needs a professional who provides superior craftsmanship so the memory of their loved ones will last for generations to come. The best place to find such a high level of quality is Harsha Monument Co. With our custom laser services, we can inscribe any headstone material and sentimental items that are kept in the family.