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How to Memorialize a Death with a Bench

Memorial benches are popular ways to remember a loved one, either in a cemetery in Hillsboro, OH or in a more public place of your choice. If this is something you’re interested in doing, here are a few considerations for you to contemplate.


People who purchase memorials for benches will be most focused on the location of that bench. You might like the idea of placing the bench in a public place, one that has a special connection to your deceased family member or other loved on. It could be at a local park, a garden, a common vacation area, a woodland area or even in private areas such as cemeteries, backyards or churchyards.

If you wish to place a memorial bench in a public area, you’re going to need to make sure you have permission to do so first. This means talking to the authority in charge of the area in which you’d ideally place the bench. Many councils or governing bodies of parks or other such areas have commemorative options that allow you to dedicate memorial benches on their properties. They may even already have online applications available for you to do this.

If you’re interested in placing the bench in a cemetery or churchyard, you’ll need to discuss the options for this with the manager of the grounds. These types of requests occur pretty commonly, so the grounds keeper should be able to provide you with all of the information and guidance you need to bring your wishes to fruition.


The cost for a memorial bench in Hillsboro, OH will vary based on the size of the bench, the type of inscription or plaque and any costs for maintenance and installation. The plaque might even cost more than the bench, depending on the materials and size.

A high-quality bench with a plaque will not be a low-cost memorial option—you can probably expect to pay more than $1,000 for this in many cases. However, this could vary depending on where you place the bench and how frequently the location in question offers memorial bench opportunities.


Once you’ve decided to move forward with a memorial bench, you might wonder what you should write. Such a memorial will most commonly include the name, date of birth and date of death of the memorialized individual. Beyond this, you might also include information such as favorite quotes, lines from a poem or song, Bible verses or anything else that would be meaningful to the person you are remembering.

You’ll probably want to keep inscriptions short, because there will be limited space, and larger plaques or inscriptions will cost much more money. Ultimately, though, the inscription is entirely up to you, so you can choose something you know will have personal meaning and will serve as a form of remembrance.

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