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Ways to Honor the Memory of Your Pet

For most pet owners, their cats, dogs, reptiles and even fish are just an extension of the family. Unfortunately, when the pets pass on, folks grieve just as if they’ve lost a family member. Even if the animal was old and ill, dealing with their death isn’t easy.

Because a pet death can be very similar to a person’s passing, it’s important to honor your deceased pet in Hillsboro, OH. We’re not just experts in monuments for humans at Harsha Monument Co.—we also create pet memorials. As industry leaders, we put together this post to help grieving pet owners properly memorialize their deceased animals.

Hold a memorial service

Hosting a memorial service is a peaceful way to say a final goodbye to your pet. Gather everyone who knew the animal, and share fond memories of your time with the pet. This service helps with personal grief because it’s a reminder that you’re not going through it alone.

Plan a burial or cremation

Just like with humans, your pets should either have a proper burial or be cremated once they pass on. You can either bury your animal on your own land or find a nearby pet cemetery to put them to rest. You can also consider cremation and keep the pet’s ashes in an urn or scatter them in a special location.

If you’re having trouble planning this service, talk to your veterinarian. They’ll know just how to handle the process.

Create a memorial marker

The burial isn’t complete without placing a special pet memorial in Hillsboro, OH at the gravesite. A professionally created memorial can be customized with the name and image of your beloved pet. If you’re having your pet cremated, talk to your local monument professionals about designing a custom urn that’ll help capture your pet’s unique personality.

Make a scrapbook

You surely have tons of photos of great times spent with your pets. Instead of keeping them all on your phone, print them off and create a scrapbook. The scrapbook will serve as another personal memorial to your pet, and creating it can help with the grieving process.

Keep a symbol

If you’re not the artsy type but still want to honor your deceased pet in Hillsboro, OH, keep a symbol of them in your home. Displaying their collar or favorite toy somewhere in the house is a nice way to memorialize them without going over the top on a big art project.


Volunteering at the local animal shelter is a great way to memorialize your pet while giving back to your community. If you don’t have time to volunteer, donating in your pet’s name is another fantastic option.

Let us help create your pet’s marker

We hope you don’t have to think about a pet memorial in Hillsboro, OH anytime soon. But if you do, please reach out to the team at Harsha Monument Co. We have the ability to create custom memorials for all different types of pets that can fit any budget.