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Four Top Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Memorial

Cleaning a memorial plays an important role in remembering a loved one. Many families regularly clean the memorial stones of their beloved relatives and friends as a way to show devotion and care that continues even after they have passed away. Here are four memorial cleaning tips to maintain the condition appearance of your loved one’s stone.

Practice proper etiquette

Most cemeteries are public, and as such, you need to be mindful of others who are coming to the cemetery to remember and grieve. Don’t clean when there are mourners nearby, whether they’re casually visiting or attending a funeral service. Make sure never to bring pets to roam freely on the site while you work, since this can be a sign of disrespect. Also, remember to always clean up after yourself and leave the area in the same condition you found it in.

Know when not to clean

Cemetery headstones decay over time due to wear from the elements of nature. Before you start cleaning a memorial, consider its overall condition. While it’s always best to rely on a professional memorial cleaning service to do any cleaning work on a memorial, it’s absolutely essential when there’s significant cracking, discoloring or other damage to the stone. In such cases, leave all restoration work to the professionals to ensure no further damage occurs.

There’s also another situation in which a DIY clean is not recommended, and that’s when you’re dealing with a marble memorial stone. Marble requires an expert’s touch when it comes to cleaning, since it’s a softer stone that can easily stain.

Clean conservatively

While the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do will vary due to the condition of the monument and the debris that’s accumulated, always take a conservative approach to cleaning. Most stones in public cemeteries are made of granite, and it’s best to use water and a soft brush or cloth to clean off any dirt. Remember to keep the stone wet throughout the entire washing process. If you choose to use soap, make sure it contains no oils, since they can penetrate into the stone and cause discoloration.

After removing dirt and other debris, you can use a household glass cleaner to give the monument a streak-free shine. It won’t harm the monument and will give it a nice, polished finish.

Use a light touch

Sometimes, monuments can’t get completely clean. If you’re having trouble getting a memorial stone clean, resist the urge to vigorously scrub, as it can damage the stone’s surface. Never resort to scrapers or high-pressure hoses, since they will completely remove the finish from the stone. If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of the stone after cleaning, it’s best to consult your local monument company to provide expert cleaning services.

Following the memorial cleaning tips above ensures that your loved one’s stone retains its beauty and serves as an appropriate monument to their memory. Reach out to Harsha Monument Co. today to learn more about proper care and maintenance of memorial stones.