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Ways to Secure Flowers in a Cemetery Vase

Leaving flowers at a memorial is a great way to show you care—both for the loved one who passed away, as well as anyone else who comes to visit their grave. If their memorial includes a cemetery vase, so much the better. However, you may struggle to keep the flowers arranged beautifully in the cemetery vase. Here are our best tips to secure flowers in a cemetery vase.

Florists’ Styrofoam

Florists might seem like wizards, especially when you try to arrange your own flowers. However, they have some tips and tricks up their sleeves. One of these tricks is florists’ Styrofoam. All you have to do is insert the stems of the flowers into the Styrofoam, and it will hold them in place. Then you can place the arrangement in the cemetery vase and add water to keep the flowers fresh. Your arrangement will stay in place and look beautiful longer—don’t be surprised if people think it’s a professional arrangement. The Styrofoam should anchor your flowers into the vase, even when you’re dealing with high winds.

You can even hot glue the Styrofoam into the vase, so it can be available for any arrangement someone cares to leave. Just remember to remove any leaves, grass or other debris before you start your project.

Floral tape and wire

If you’re hoping for some extra security, grab some floral tape and wire. You can use this along with your Styrofoam filler to secure the flowers. Use a foot and a half of floral wire to wrap around the bouquet three or four times, leaving two long ends hanging down. Use the wire to secure the bouquet to the Styrofoam. You can wrap the floral tape around the wire to help disguise the wire.

Floral weights for silk flowers

Silk flowers might not be as nice as fresh flowers, but they’ll certainly look nice and last longer—and there’s no shame in that, especially if you only go out to the cemetery on occasion. To prevent these flowers from blowing away, you’ll need floral weights. Make your own by filling a small bag with sand or pebbles, then use floral wire to secure it to the bouquet. Drop the flowers into the vase and enjoy their beauty for weeks or months to come.

(One thing to note: Make sure the cemetery allows silk flowers. Some only permit guests to leave fresh flowers.)

Flower anchors

If you’re having difficulty with stolen flowers, a flower anchor may do the trick. You adhere the anchor to the inside of the vase, then wrap your bouquet with floral wire. You can then secure the bouquet to the anchor. It’s not foolproof, but it will deter a casual thief or vandal.

Securing flowers at your loved one’s monument or gravesite is much easier when you follow these cemetery vase tips.

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