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Everything You Need to Know About Sandblasting for Memorials

Memorial stones or grave markers are timeless commemorations of a loved one. There are many benefits of sandblasting memorials, including the opportunity for customization and creating durable inscriptions. When choosing how to memorialize the life of your loved one, sandblasting is an excellent option if you’ve selected a granite or marble memorial. Read on to learn more of the basic sandblasting memorial information you need to know.

Deciding on imagery or inscriptions

To start the process of creating a memorial for a loved one, you’ll typically consult with your local monument company regarding what you want on the stone. You’ll work with a talented artist to discuss the imagery and inscriptions that will be sandblasted on the monument. You can add custom artwork or imagery, and you’ll see how everything will be laid out on the stone.

Usually, the monument company will create a digital model of the stone using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software, where adjustments can easily be made according to your specifications. Make sure you’re completely satisfied with the mock-up of the memorial before signing off on the finalized design.

Creating a template

After you’ve settled on what you want on the monument, your monument company will make it a reality by creating a template. The artist will print out the template for the stone using a specialized printer, creating a template that shows where material will be removed. Stencils must be made to a high degree of accuracy to ensure results that match your original vision. The stencil is applied to the uncut monument in preparation for sandblasting.


After the stencil is correctly in place, the stone is moved to a sandblasting booth. The artist uses a device that employs a narrow nozzle with high-pressure air mixed with aluminum oxide to slowly remove material on the stone. As the device removes material, the artist brings out the dates, patterns and any imagery you’ve chosen for the design. The end result usually features sandblasted elements of different depths, adding visual interest to the monument.

Keep in mind that sandblasted letters are permanent. If you’ve chosen a natural finish, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the monument to preserve the letters. Gold- and paint-filled letters typically require refurbishing about every 15 to 20 years.

Adding final details

Sandblasting machines take care of the majority of the cutting of headstone material, but they’re not refined enough to handle the detail work. Your artist will use traditional hand tools to achieve a great level of depth and detail following sandblasting. Some monument companies offer laser etching, which can add a photorealistic representation to the stone. If you work with a reputable monument company, you’ll see that one of the key benefits of sandblasting memorials is the level of intricacy that can be achieved.

Sandblasting is a common decorative treatment for memorials made of a variety of stones. The process allows you to add ornamental motifs, names, dates and other inscriptions that will stand the test of time. For more sandblasting memorial information, contact the experts at Harsha Monument Co. today.