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Tips for Making Gravestone Flowers Last Longer

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience. The grieving process can be taxing on everyone close to the person who passed away. But gathering with those you care about to grieve together at a funeral service can help.

Joining together for a burial service is often a part of the funeral process as well. Having somewhere you can visit like a grave site can help ease the pain of losing someone. It also helps if you can find long-lasting flowers for graves, as a way to keep your loved one’s final resting place a little brighter. Here are a few tips for how to make gravestone flowers last a long time.

Know the cemetery’s rules

Before you do anything, learn the cemetery’s rules regarding placing flowers at grave sites. Some cemeteries allow both live and silk flowers, and some only allow one or the other. Other cemeteries allow people to plant flowers near the loved one’s gravestone, and some cemeteries limit gravestone floral displays to certain times of the year. Know the rules and what you can plant before you ornament your loved one’s gravestone with real or faux flowers.

Decide between real and artificial flowers

If your cemetery allows both real and artificial flowers, you’ll have to choose between them. Artificial flowers have multiple advantages to natural flowers. They last much longer than natural flowers and they can withstand the elements better than real flowers, as well. They’re also likely to be cheaper than real flowers and can be ordered online without having to worry about them wilting in transit.

Choosing real flowers

Placing natural flowers on a loved one’s gravestone can be a meaningful gesture. You should consider the deceased’s personal taste when deciding which type of flowers to use in addition to picking flowers that are durable, to ensure they don’t die right away.

You could also think about the symbolism of the specific type of flowers you pick. Some popular long-lasting flowers for graves are chrysanthemums, zinnias, geraniums, roses, poppies, carnations, lilacs, peonies, daffodils and tulips.

Securing the flowers

It’s not advisable to simply lay your flowers on top of or next to the gravestone—they’ll wilt in no time at all. You can put them in a regular vase provided by the cemetery, or a foam vase that can be saturated with water and holds the flowers in place.

To secure your flowers you can go a step further. There is a special device called a headstone flower anchor. This anchor system allows you to secure a memento to your loved one’s gravestone. It can hold flowers, a cross, a wreath or anything else you’d want to connect to the grave. It’s also great for preserving flowers that might otherwise shrivel when laid atop the marker.

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