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What Are the Different Types of Monuments and Memorials?

When you think of the word monument, you may think of grand stone statues that commemorate long lost fallen war heroes. It makes sense—there are large, historically significant monuments that fit that description everywhere, from war memorials to parks and even in the middle of cities. When it comes to grave monuments, however, the depiction is a little bit different.

There are many different types of memorials and a whole host of popular types of monuments that you can have commissioned to remember someone close to you that has passed away. This article will cover some of the different types of memorials and monuments.

Upright monuments

Typically crafted from marble or granite, upright monuments are standing headstones that rise up out of either a stone base or the ground itself. They’re what you think of when you hear the term “tombstone” or “gravestone.”

Upright monuments are easy to spot from a distance and provide an ample surface for a monument artisan to etch the name of the deceased, their years of life and any symbols that were important to them. While they’re an elegant way to mark a loved one’s grave, upright monuments usually cost more than other types of memorials.

Slanted monuments

This type of monument is similar to an upright monument—except for the fact that it’s usually shorter, and the face is slanted in the front instead of being directly vertical. These can sit on top of a stone base to prevent damage. The top can either be straight, slightly curved or have a raised center, known as a serpentine top.

Slanted monuments still provide plenty of room to inscribe the pertinent details to the deceased’s life. They’re a more economical option than upright monuments and offer a bit more in the way of customization, including the ability to hold cremains.

Foot marker monuments

Set either directly into the ground or slightly above it, foot marker monuments are the least expensive type of monument. They’re frequently made from granite or marble. While the customization of foot marker monuments is limited in some respects due to their size, they also offer some unique options.

A popular style of foot marker monument is a bronze grave marker. This involves setting a bronze plaque into a granite base and covering it with a powder coat meant to stave off oxidation. The plaque itself can be anything from a simple engraving to a collage of pictures of the deceased and their family.

Memorial benches

Benches to commemorate the deceased can be placed anywhere, from cemeteries to public parks. These benches usually have inscriptions, such as the name of the deceased, the years they lived and a quote that was important to them. Regardless of where they’re installed, these benches provide a place for people to sit and reflect upon things, and to take a moment out of their everyday lives.

Discover the right monument or memorial

Being aware of the popular types of monuments can help you decide what you’d like to get for your loved one. When you make a decision, give us a call at the Harsha Monument Company, where we understand how important it is to commemorate the loved ones you’ve lost.