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What Do You Put on a Headstone Inscription?

Even if you’re a skilled wordsmith, finding the right words to commemorate a lost loved one can be difficult, especially during times of grief. So, what is typically put on a headstone?

Choosing an inscription is a big deal. After all, the inscription will be on the memorial for many years. It’s always helpful to look to sources of inspiration as you’re composing a memorial inscription for a headstone.

Here are some ideas to help you properly convey the life and legacy of a loved one.

Life references

Some people like to include references to some of the major roles the deceased person fulfilled during their life. They can incorporate mentions of familial relationships, military service, friendships and even personal sentiments you’d like the world to know about your loved one.

Examples of this type of inscription for a headstone include:

  • Here lies a beloved mother, father, wife, husband, etc.;
  • Here lies a soldier who dutifully served his/her country;
  • The world was a better place because he/she was here;
  • A loving son/daughter.

Personal quotes

In some cases, a less formal statement can be an effective way to memorialize a loved one. If they’ve provided a quote of their own, it makes the monument even more personal.

Some examples of personal grave marker quotes include:

  • Life is too short—live it to the fullest;
  • The greatest gift in life is faith, love and family.

Religious verses or prayers

People of all faiths choose to include a reference to their beliefs with meaningful verses and prayers. There are several examples from scriptures of every faith that can be appropriate for a headstone. Any favorite passage or verse that guided your loved one through life is ideal for inclusion on a memorial stone.

Poems or lyrics

Some headstones are large enough for long inscriptions, including poems or song lyrics. You can write your own poem in memory of a loved one or use a poem that had special significance to them. Did your loved one have a favorite song? Consider having a portion of the lyrics engraved on the headstone, especially if part of the song accurately describes the person.

Personal epitaph

Some people choose to write the epitaph for their headstone before they die. This is clearly a very personal choice, and in cases where your loved one didn’t make his or her wishes clear, you could read through letters and writings that effectively reflect the person’s voice. Simple expressions of love and faith or other personal notes can be a great option for honoring a special friend or family member.

Creating a memorial for a loved one involves much more than simply choosing what is put on a headstone. You also need to choose a reputable monument company to get the job done right and craft a fitting monument for someone special in your life.

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