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Reasons to Invest in Cemetery Restoration

People visit cemeteries on a daily basis to mourn and celebrate their deceased loved ones. You don’t want visitors to look upon a sea of headstones covered in dirt and grime, which is why it’s important to invest in cemetery preservation.

Cemetery restoration helps preserve history, promote better safety and more. Read on to learn more about its importance.

Preserves history

Dates, names and other important details of a person’s life can be lost over time. Cemeteries sometimes feature headstones dating back over a century. Ensure the clarity of your headstones by investing in cemetery restoration services. This will allow future generations to visit their ancestors’ headstones and learn more about their own genealogy.

Prevents future damages

Cemeteries need regular maintenance, which should include cutting vines, trimming trees and filling sinkholes. All these elements could cause major damage to memorials over time. For example, a large fallen limb could easily crack someone’s headstone. Avoid this by investing in cemetery restoration that includes landscaping.

Shows visitors you care

People want to know their loved ones’ memorials are well taken care of. While many people take care of their own loved one’s headstones, not everyone has time. You can make visitors extremely happy by revitalizing their loved one’s memorial through cemetery restoration services.

Promotes better safety

Not only can large limbs damage headstones, but they could also fall on passerby. You don’t want visitors experiencing major injury due to large limbs or falling memorials. Cemetery restoration professionals will look for any safety hazards and correct them right away.

The cemetery preservation process

There’s a lot that goes into the cemetery restoration process, though the main goal is to ensure the preservation and beauty of all memorials. Cleaning gravestones is a major part of the restoration process. This involves using proven cleaning techniques to remove caked-on dirt and grime from granite, sandstone and marble memorials. Professionals know which cleaning techniques to use on every type of memorial to best avoid damage.

Another step in the restoration process is repainting any memorials that have started to fade. Professionals will also reset leaning headstones, realign memorials with their rows and add support to taller memorials.

The restoration process can take anywhere from one day to one year, depending on the scope of the project. Before investing in restoration services, consider asking for a timeline estimate.

Cemetery restoration costs

As with the timeline, the cost of cemetery restoration can vary. Factors that affect the cost can include the number of headstones that need cleaning as well as the size of the graveyard. The cost can range anywhere between $5,000 and $250,000.

Notably, there are grants available for cemeteries that need restoration services, including The Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing Cemetery Grant Program and the Ohio History Fund.

Invest in cemetery restoration right away

Keep your area’s history alive by investing in cemetery restoration services. For all your memorial needs, contact the experts at Harsha Monument Co. Our services include monument foundation repair, sandblasting and laser etching.