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6 Tips for Choosing a Grave Marker

Selecting a headstone for a deceased loved one isn’t on your mind each day, so when the time comes when you, unfortunately, need to make that decision, choosing a grave marker is tricky.

Follow these grave marker tips to ensure your loved one gets the headstone they deserve.

Take your time

When you’re grieving after losing a friend or relative, one of the last things you want to think about is choosing their grave marker. Our first tip is to take your time when planning out a headstone. There’s no rush in placing it, and waiting a few weeks or even months to choose the marker makes the entire decision much easier.

Talk to the cemetery

Before selecting a grave marker, we always advise talking to the cemetery. Some cemeteries have size restrictions, and the last thing you want is to pay for a headstone without anywhere to place it. A reputable monument company will likely already know all of the regulations for local cemeteries, so you may be able to skip this step if you’re working with the best monument makers in town.

Pick the material

Once you get clearance from the cemetery, you can select a material. The most common marker materials we work with at Harsha Monument Co. are granite and bronze. These hearty materials last for years out in the rain, sleet and snow without failing or tarnishing, but there are other options to choose from, like marble, sandstone or even cement. Our team can help you pick the perfect material to honor your loved one.

Choose the design

The next step for selecting a grave marker is picking out the design. From tall monuments that tower above others in the cemetery to simple ones placed in the ground, there are hundreds of different designs to choose from. When planning the design of a headstone, we always recommend thinking about what your loved one would have wanted.

Plan the inscription

Now that you’ve selected the material and design, it’s time to have it inscribed. Traditional grave markers include the deceased’s name, date of birth and date of passing; however, there’s no right or wrong way to inscribe a headstone. Adding the person’s favorite quote or Bible verse to the marker can make it stand out from others in the cemetery.

Consider your budget

Our last piece of advice is to keep your budget in mind. Headstones can get expensive quickly, especially when you start adding special features or long inscriptions. To avoid adding financial stress to your life, don’t spend more than you can afford right now. Keep in mind that you can always add on to the headstone later as you have the financial means to do so.

Let us design your monument

You want the best for your loved ones even after they’ve passed, so be sure to hire our team to design your loved one’s monument. At Harsha Monument Co., we’ve been in business since 1854, so you can trust that we only design the highest-quality grave markers. Call today to schedule an appointment or to learn some more grave marker tips.