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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cemetery Plot

Families are often left with tons of cemetery plot questions, especially if they’re burying a loved one for the first time. There are many factors to consider such as additional fees, headstone requirements, decoration rules and more. Asking the right set of questions will ensure you’re satisfied with your loved one’s final resting place.

Here are some questions for cemetery plots every family should bring up.

What are the additional fees?

Your first cemetery plot question should be about what’s not included in the initial plot purchase. For example, some cemeteries require families to buy a burial permit through the city. Grave liners are another common requirement because they prevent the ground from settling. The initial price might include the cost of opening and closing the grave, but some cemeteries charge this service as an additional fee.

What types of headstones are allowed?

Your chosen cemetery might have restrictions on the material, size and location of the headstone. This should be among your questions for cemetery plots because no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a headstone they can’t use. Some cemeteries install flat markers only, and families of veterans should make sure the cemetery allows military markers at the foot of the grave.

Will I get the plot you showed me?

The cemetery caretaker will show you a plot that matches your desired size and price range; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to receive that exact plot. Many families are taken off guard when their loved one is buried in an entirely different location. Before you sign any paperwork, request to see the plot you’re buying, not just an example one.

Are decorations allowed in the cemetery?

Families often leave gifts behind to honor their loved ones. Some cemeteries allow this, while others do not. The grounds-keeping team might not want families planting flowers around the headstone because this prevents them from properly maintaining the plots. If decorating your loved one’s resting place is important to you, then this is a cemetery plot question you need to bring up.

Who’s responsible for maintaining the plot?

Most of the time, cemetery caretakers hire a groundskeeping team to maintain all the plots. They pull weeds and mow the grass so you don’t have to. When a cemetery provides these services, they’re not always free of charge. You might incur an annual maintenance fee on top of the initial plot price. Others require families to maintain their individual plots.

Can my family purchase any casket they want?

Cemeteries usually don’t have casket restrictions. Families are free to purchase any material, size or design they want; however, this is still an important question for cemetery plots because some cemeteries set parameters on the caskets. For example, green cemeteries might require caskets to be made with environmentally-friendly materials. Make sure there are no hidden requirements before purchasing a cemetery plot.

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