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Important Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Cemetery Plots

Getting the right resting spot for your loved ones could be draining and emotional. You will need to invest in an excellent cemetery plot—a process you want to complete within the shortest time. Yet, you need to be extremely careful during this process lest you lose value for your money. Ensure that you understand what to ask before getting a cemetery plot. Here are five critical questions and tips on choosing a cemetery plot.

What Is the Cost of the Cemetery Plot?

Every household works on a particular budget. While you want to give your loved one a befitting burial, you will want to make the entire venture affordable. Take the time to understand what fees are attached to the plot, avoiding inconveniences in the long run. Remember, the initial cost is not the only consideration. Any additional fees could balloon your budget more than you expected.

For instance, you will want to check the maintenance costs. Most cemeteries charge a one-time fee, also known as an endowment cost. This price varies from one gravesite to another. Comparing your options will ensure that you control your budget better in the long run.

Shall I Own the Land?

You cannot compare buying a cemetery plot on a gravesite to purchasing land. You could attribute this to the difference in ownership. While you could pay for a gravesite, you might not necessarily own the piece. In such instances, you only buy into an easement, meaning you have the license to bury your loved one at the given spot. However, this license can only suffice for a particular period.

At the same time, you must understand whether you can sell the gravesite. Notably and generally, various gravesites allow you to transfer ownership. This ownership could be passed to your heirs in a will, including intestate laws. That means you will be free to sell the plot to whomever you wish. Yet, some gravesites require that you give them the right of first refusal.

What Are the Available Purchase Options?

Various cemetery burial plots are at your disposal, often depending on the size of the property. In most cases, you will have three options: single, double and double-depth graves. Single graves are designed for one person, while double graves are meant to bury two people side by side. On the other hand, a double-depth grave is where two bodies are buried atop each other.

Is There Perpetual Care?

Perpetual care is all about cemetery maintenance. It is a fee charged either once or annually, depending on the policies of the gravesite. This amount goes into offsetting maintenance costs, including mowing, road maintenance and litter removal. Prioritize affordability.

What Are the General Rules?

You must understand the rules you are subject to. Here, you have to understand restrictions on the marker size, shapes, content and casket types. You might also want to know who is responsible for damaged gravestones.

Getting the right cemetery plot is daunting. Yet, it is an inevitable task. While doing so, visit Harsha Monument Co. for an excellent gravestone for your loved ones. Our professionals will guide you on what you need to give your loved one a befitting sendoff.