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Everything You Need to Know About Memorial Grass Markers

What Are Grass Memorial Markers?

The term ‘grass marker’ is often used to describe one of several different kinds of grave markers that can be placed on the grave of a friend, family member, or other loved one. There are actually a few different kinds of grass markers that are common to see in graveyards all across the country.

What Are Tombstones/Headstones?

When you say the words ‘grave marker’, most people think of a classical tombstone. Traditionally, a tombstone would be used to cover the lid of a burial chamber, while headstones were used to literally mark the head of a grave. In modern times, the two terms are used basically interchangeably. Both describe an upright or flat/ground-level marker often used to describe the resident of the grave in question, listing their name and their birth and death dates, and possibly containing a short additional inscription. These markers can generally be as simple or elaborate as the deceased wished, or as the family wishes.

What Are Upright Markers?

Upright markers are common to see in military cemeteries and look like more traditional ways of marking a grave. These echo the iconic image of a tombstone in popular culture, often bearing the person’s name, the date of their birth and death, as well as a short and simple inscription describing them or how they are missed. Slanted markers are a version of upright markers, but they’re constructed with an angle, which gives the stone a more dynamic feeling and lends a bit of additional visual interest.

What Are Grass Level Headstones?

Grass-level or flat markers are commonly used in graveyards as they’re simple to clean and otherwise care for. The same information is often included on these as is seen on upright markers. Bevel markers have a similar style to completely flat markers, but are constructed at a slight angle to make them easier to read. Both of these options are a simple, understated way to mark a loved one’s grave. These can also be made slightly more elaborate if the family wishes.

Each of these memorial markers can also be paired with candle or flower holders, if desired, and generally customized to suit the individual it is intended to honor. Planning ahead for things such as inscriptions and marker styling may seem a bit morbid, but knowing the answer to these sorts of questions will help make a difficult time just a bit easier.