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How To Get a Memorial Bench in a Park

The idea of placing a functional memorial such as a remembrance bench for those who have passed away appeals to many people. However, securing one can be a difficult project to tackle, especially if you’re unsure of what steps you need to take to move the process along. Below, we’ll explain the many parts of the process and how you can work with local authorities to bring a memorial bench into a park near you.

How Do You Get a Memorial Bench in a Park?

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that some of this information will vary slightly depending on where you live. Different areas often have different rules regarding not just who is allowed a memorial bench, but who is responsible for its upkeep after it’s installed, and even who is responsible for installing it in the first place.

How Do I Get Permission for a Memorial Bench?

Most memorial benches will need to be approved by whichever public body is responsible for the land you’d like it placed on. This is typically a town or parish council. Luckily, many areas have publicly available information on their websites. Go to the local authority’s site and type ‘remembrance bench’ into the search bar. This should bring up more information.

Will I Need to Buy My Own Bench?

It depends. Some areas will supply a bench at a cost to you, while others will require you to supply your own. If you are supplying your own, hardwood is the preferable material, as it wears and weathers much better than soft wood or metal.

What Can I Have Inscribed on The Bench?

Most councils will allow you to create your own inscription so long as it falls within ‘common decency’ guidelines. A short verse or quote along with the person’s name and significant dates, if you’d like those included, is a very common template for these sorts of inscriptions.

Do I Have to Supply The Plaque?

It depends. Some authorities will request you provide the inscribed plaque, while others offer inscription services as part of the overall cost of obtaining a memorial bench.

Who Installs and Maintains The Bench?

Again, this will vary depending on where you live, but in most cases, local authorities prefer to install the bench themselves to ensure it meets their safety standards. They will charge you for this, with the average cost landing somewhere around $120 per bench. Similarly, most councils will be responsible for the continued upkeep of the bench, which is now on their property.

Can I Have a Bench Placed in a Specific Location?

This will also vary based on the council involved, but many councils only accept a limited number of spots for benches in popular areas, like parks or the seafront. Some list the areas that have vacancies for benches on their official websites.