Bench Memorials in Hillsboro, OH

Custom bench memorials are a wonderful way to mark the final resting place of your loved one in Hillsboro, OH. Not only do they stand out amongst gravestones and grass markers, they invite you to sit down and enjoy the company of your loved one’s spirit. Let Harsha Monument Co. customize a bench for your late family member, as a way to mark their spot and encourage passersby to have a seat in their memory.

Our custom memorial benches range from small monument-style benches to larger benches that serve as actual resting places for weary passersby. As is the case with every monument we create, rest assured that every detail will be customized, unique to your late loved one.
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Custom Benches

Custom bench memorials come in all shapes, sizes and styles—from decorative bench styles to those made for sitting and thinking on. We offer a variety of options at different price points and sizes, to best fit the memorialization of your loved one. Our goal, as with any memorial, is to customize something that honors the life and legacy of the person it represents.

Engraving and Customization

When it comes to custom memorial benches, we offer broad customization options. From engraved plaques that affix to the bench to carving atop the bench or on its side, we make sure the information that immortalizes your loved one is properly displayed. No one will be able to sit for a moment without knowing exactly who they’re in the company of.

A Resting Place For All

Memorial benches are a wonderful way to mark the last resting place of your loved one, and to provide a resting place for those who come to visit. Sit on the bench and commune with the spirit of your loved one, and know they’re at peace. For more information about bench monuments and customization, contact Harsha Monument Co. today at 937-393-2810.