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What to Consider When Choosing a Memorial Vase

A memorial vase is an elegant container designed to hold flowers or other objects at a gravesite. These vases can either be standalone pieces or incorporated into the headstone itself. Not only do these vases make a grave look better, but they’re also a great way to memorialize your loved one. The only problem is […]

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How Durable Is Laser Etching on Monuments?

Monument etching is a common practice among memorial works in Hillsboro, OH. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s now considered the best method for inscribing headstones and is guaranteed to last for decades. However, the specific lifespan of laser etching differs from one custom memorial to the next because it all depends on the headstone’s […]

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How to Design a Monument for Your Loved One

No two individuals are alike, and the same is true for monuments once it’s a person’s time to pass away. From granite memorials to stately mausoleums, the options are virtually limitless. Keep in mind these factors while a monument builder in Hillsboro, OH helps you design the grave marker. Go with budget-friendly options Countless monument […]

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Tips for Caring for Bronze Plaques

Knowing how to care for bronze plaques in Hillsboro, OH is a nice way to honor your departed loved ones—but it’s important that you understand how to treat bronze before you start your maintenance or restoration project. Although bronze naturally develops a beautiful patina, it can become dull or discolored over time. Taking proper care […]

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Why Is Granite Used to Make Monuments and Markers?

If you’ve ever been to a historic cemetery, you’ve probably noticed how time and the elements have worn away the inscriptions on many of the headstones. Although this can be beautiful in its own way, it often means the person’s name and details are lost to history. It’s an excellent example of why choosing the […]

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