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Four Top Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Memorial

Cleaning a memorial plays an important role in remembering a loved one. Many families regularly clean the memorial stones of their beloved relatives and friends as a way to show devotion and care that continues even after they have passed away. Here are four memorial cleaning tips to maintain the condition appearance of your loved […]

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The Difference Between Laser Etching and Sandblasting for Memorials

As you begin researching possible memorial options for your gravesite (or that of a loved one), you will likely find there are far more options on the market than you might have expected. To avoid some of the headache associated with the search, it’s a good idea to narrow down some of your options. Two […]

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How to Memorialize a Death with a Bench

Memorial benches are popular ways to remember a loved one, either in a cemetery in Hillsboro, OH or in a more public place of your choice. If this is something you’re interested in doing, here are a few considerations for you to contemplate. Location People who purchase memorials for benches will be most focused on […]

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Ways to Honor the Memory of Your Pet

For most pet owners, their cats, dogs, reptiles and even fish are just an extension of the family. Unfortunately, when the pets pass on, folks grieve just as if they’ve lost a family member. Even if the animal was old and ill, dealing with their death isn’t easy. Because a pet death can be very […]

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What to Consider When Choosing a Memorial Vase

A memorial vase is an elegant container designed to hold flowers or other objects at a gravesite. These vases can either be standalone pieces or incorporated into the headstone itself. Not only do these vases make a grave look better, but they’re also a great way to memorialize your loved one. The only problem is […]

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