Boulder Memorials in Hillsboro, OH

Sometimes the simplest way to mark a resting place is the best. Harsha Monument Co. offers custom boulder memorials that serve a wide variety of memorial purposes. From marking the actual resting place of your loved one or pet, to memorializing a special date or time in your life, we customize boulder markers for a wide range of purposes. You can see our work throughout Hillsboro, OH, in graveyards, on properties and even in parks.
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Memorial Boulders

Memorial boulders offer natural appeal and are great for all types of markers. We can create custom boulder memorials for any placement—for your loved one in a cemetery or your beloved pet in the back yard. We offer boulders of all sizes and colors, customizable to ensure they serve as a meaningful reminder wherever they sit.

Custom Driveway Boulders

Our custom boulder markers for driveways can be seen all around the area from Hillsboro, OH to as far as Dayton, OH. From your street name and address number to the family’s name, we make it easy to distinguish your property. Boulder markers are great for the bottom of the driveway, gardens and shared drivers, to everyone from the pizza guy to your distant relatives knows where to find you.

Engraving and Customization

Every message is different, and we have the engraving and etching capabilities to create one-of-a-kind custom boulder markers. Whatever you need your boulder to say, we’ll etch it clearly so there’s no mistaking it. Best of all, our work weathers all elements, so the face stays clear and readable for decades to come.

Memorials for all Occasions

Harsha Monument Co. believes anything worth marking is important. Whether you’re honoring the memory of a beloved pet or simply marking your home address, we’ll customized a boulder for you. Contact us today at 937-393-2810 for more information about our capabilities or to select the right boulder and text combination.