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How To Choose A Headstone

There’s no better way to honor a departed friend or family member than honoring their wishes and designing and erecting the right headstone. Sadly, this isn’t an easy job. The headstone selected should reflect the personality and the life they lived. It should also align with the cemetery rules and regulations and still fit your […]

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What to Look for to Find the Best Headstone for You

Whether you’re choosing a headstone for yourself or a loved one, there are certain factors you should consider to find the best one. To choose the perfect headstone, ask yourself the following key questions. The answers to these questions will let you know what to look for in a headstone. What are the regulations at […]

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How to Design a Headstone That Stands the Test of Time

Headstones have come a long way. The oldest cemeteries contain monuments overrun with moss and deterioration. Now, monument makers craft headstones that retain their original look for many generations. To make your loved one’s memorial long lasting, consider the following three factors: material, quality and maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at how these factors […]

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