Grass Memorials in Hillsboro, OH

Flat grass markers are a convenient way to memorialize your loved ones. These affordable monuments lay flat, flush with the ground, and are easy to maintain over time. Because they’re a type of surface memorial, they’re easier to install and are less prone to weathering and damage over time. Let Harsha Monument Co. introduce you to simple, beautiful grass monuments that are right for your budget.

Once you’ve found a grass marker that’s right for your loved one, we can customize it with etching and engraving. You’ll receive a monument that has full detail, ready to mark the final resting place of your loved one in Hillsboro, OH.
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Gravesite Grass Monuments

If you’re looking for a simple, meaningful way to lay your loved one to rest and mark their place in the cemetery, consider grass monuments. These flat monuments offer wonderful longevity and rarely require the care that comes with foundational monuments that shift, sink or topple. Moreover, we can customize the faces of grass monuments with any information you need, including names, dates, family names, quotes, likenesses and more. Let us show you how meaningful these types of memorials can be, and why they’re among the most popular.

Simple Grass Markers

Grass markers aren’t only found in graveyards. These markers are also great for sentimental displays at home, such as for those who live far from where their loved ones are buried. They make for meaningful additions to a garden or near a tree, and are great physical memorials for someone who chose cremation. We also offer grass markers for pets.

Customized Grass Memorials

Harsha Monument Co brings the simplicity of grass memorials to residents of Hillsboro, OH, with the broad customization capabilities you need to make it unique and special to the person it represents. Contact us today at 937-393-2810 to learn more about how we personalize grass memorials.