Laser Etching in Hillsboro, OH

If you need a memorial customized with a special message, laser etching is something Harsha Monument Co. can provide you with. We offer in-house custom laser etching on various surfaces, from granite monuments and tiles to stainless tumblers with our state-of-the-art equipment. Feel free to stop by and ask about our custom laser services. We make it easy for Hillsboro, OH residents to memorialize their loved one on any surface, with any message.
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Laser Etching Capabilities

Our laser etching capabilities extend to a variety of surfaces, including granite, glass, wood and acrylic. From granite memorials to acrylic mementos, our process is precise and delicate, leaving behind crisp, clear, easy to ready inscriptions on whatever we’re engraving. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to take text and images and replicate them perfectly from a computer image onto the item you’ve chosen. We take the time to make sure every detail is perfect.

Monument Etching

We’re happy to consult with surviving family to determine what, specifically, should be etched into your loved one’s monument. Typically, this service includes death dates, additional lettering on the front or back of the monument and the addition of pictures or custom signage. Our mission is to make sure the monument is a complete representation of the legacy of your loved one—something you can visit fondly for years to come and reminisce about their memory. We can also discuss any special etching or engraving requests you might have.

Make A Meaningful Statement

Harsha Monument Co. helps Hillsboro, OH residents customize the final memorialization of their loved ones with messages and information that make remembrance easy. From names and dates to sentimental messages, we take care to etch and inscribe the important details of your loved one. Reach us today at 937-393-2810 for more information about our laser etching service.