Our Services

Outside Lettering

This service includes death dates, additional lettering on the front or back of the monument, and the addition of pictures or custom signage.

Foundation Repair

This service includes the inspection of the existing foundation to determine the proper repair required. This can also lead to a full replacement if the foundation is deteriorated beyond our usage standards. Our monument foundations are set to a depth of 32-36 inches depending on soil conditions.

Monument Repair

Monument repair services include a through inspection to determine if any parts need to be replaced. Services will vary from a simple re-sealing or re-setting to a more extensive repair or replacement.

Bronze Plaques:

Custom made to order plaques of various sizes are available by order with many styles to choose from. Initial estimates include installation.

Custom Lazer Etching

We do in-house custom laser ecthing on various surfaces from granite monuments and tiles to stainless tumblers with our state of the art equipment. Feel free to stop by and ask about our custom laser services.


Sandblasting services include rust removal via the high powered abrasion used to letter monuments. Available services can vary depnding on job size. Various examples can be as simple as a cast iron skillet to as large as a tractor hood. Our sandblasting saves you time when your trying to restore the rusty project back to its former glory.

Vet Plaque Installation

We take pride in offering the installation of all Vet plaques. These services include installation via a ground mount precast set on a concrete foudnation. We also offer flush mount installation on the front and or rear of the monument.

Custom Driveway Boulders

Our custom boulders can be seen all around the area from Hillsboro to as far as Dayton.