Monument Foundation Repair in Hillsboro, OH

Holder monuments that have faced the elements may suffer instability as a result of wear and tear. Harsha Monument Co. delivers monument foundation repair to restore the long-term stability of monuments and memorials in Hillsboro, OH. We take the utmost care in undertaking memorial repair, to preserve the uniqueness and sentimentality of every monument, while delivering the repairs it needs to stand tall again.
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Foundation Repair

Foundations can sink, crack and erode with time and, eventually, they need repair or replacement. We take pride in tending to the monuments and markers throughout Hillsboro, OH, to ensure they stand tall in the name of the people they represent. This service includes the inspection of the existing foundation to determine the proper repair required. It can also lead to a full replacement if the foundation is deteriorated beyond our usage standards. Our monument foundations are set to a depth of 32-36 inches depending on soil conditions.

Monument Repair

If the monument itself is damaged, rely on our skill to see it repaired. Monument repair services include a thorough inspection to determine if any parts need to be replaced. Services will vary from a simple re-sealing or re-setting, to a more extensive repair or replacement. Whatever it takes, we’ll see that the work is done right and that your loved one’s monument is repaired, revitalized and ready to stand out as a memorialization of them. No matter the monument type, we’re equipped to service it.

Restoring Monument Stability

If you have an older monument that’s sinking, leaning or has fallen over, foundation repair is in order. Contact the team at Harsha Monument Co. today to have your monument assessed and repaired, with a new foundation that’s ready to stand tall for decades to come. Contact us today at 937-393-2810 for more information about our capabilities.