Pet Memorials in Hillsboro, OH

Pets are members of the family too! When it’s time to lay your cat or dog down to rest for the last time, give them the proper memorial they deserve as a member of your loving family. Harsha Monument Co. brings Hillsboro, OH residents pet memorials for their beloved animals, with customization options that ensure they’re properly immortalized. From garden markers, to grass memorials, to decorative rocks and more, we can customize nearly any memorial for your late pet.
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Pet Memorial Options

Pet memorials are available in all sizes and styles, allowing you to pick the memorial that’s best-suited to your pet. From simple grass memorials to standing monuments and more, our selection includes a range of options that speak to different budgets and sentiments. Whether you want a memorial as simple as your pet or one to represent their larger-than-life personality, we’ll make sure it does their memory justice.

Customization for Memorials

Like human memorials, pet memorials can be customized with any message you want to share. We help Hillsboro, OH pet owners find the words to immortalize their furry friends in the right way, engraved to perfection on a memorial that’ll stand the test of time. From names and dates to nicknames and even your pet’s likeness, we strive to bring you peace with a memorial that’s fitting. We customize memorials for dogs, cats and a variety of other pets.

Honor Your Beloved Pets

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a pet. When the time comes to lay them to rest, turn to Harsha Monument Co. for a memorial that does their memory justice. From names and dates to the likeness of their image, we can etch and engrave their legacy onto any type of memorial you could want for them. Contact us today at 937-393-2810 for more information about pet memorials.