Sandblasting in Hillsboro, OH

Weathering and the elements can take their toll on monuments and markers, leaving them dirty or obscured under a layer of debris. Rust, calcification and other corrosions can also mar gravestones, leaving them looking lackluster. At Harsha Monument Co., we bring your monuments and other important markers back to life through sandblasting.

Beyond monument sandblasting, our capabilities also extend to run-of-the-mill items you have that may be affected by rust or weathering. We’re known in Hillsboro, OH for our careful sandblasting work and our ability to renew all types of materials, from formed steel to cast iron.
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Rust Removal

Rust is the bane of any metal surface and can hinder both the form and function of your items. Our experience carefully sandblasting monuments has equipped us to provide this service in an independent capacity, to meet the needs of local-area residents.

Available services vary depending on job size. We welcome jobs as simple as a cast iron skillet, to as large as a tractor hood. Our sandblasting saves you time when you’re trying to restore a rusty project back to its former glory. Inquire about our sandblasting services on a case-by-case basis.

Monument Sandblasting

Monuments bear the brunt of all weather conditions and eventually, can begin to oxidize if they’re made of copper, iron or another metal. To remediate them and restore the integrity of the monument and its message, we offer sandblasting throughout Hillsboro, OH. Sandblasting services include rust removal via the same high-powered abrasion used to letter monuments. We remove the corrosion without disturbing the integrity of the monument.

Restoring the Polish to Your Items

Harsha Monument Co. offers sandblasting services that restore the luster, shine and integrity to whatever you bring us. We specialize in sandblasting for monuments and markers, however we offer it for a wide array of products you may have that are suffering from rust or corrosion. Contact us today at 937-393-2810 to discuss sandblasting services.